How to Make your Own Raw Unpasteurized Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is full of vitamins and health promoting probiotics. Humans have used raw fermented foods for thousands of years and ancient sailors would eat it on long voyages to keep healthy. You can get the nutritional and immune boosting benefits of sauerkraut by simply making it yourself. Traditionally the end of summer has been a popular time to do so. When using a modern crock, this is very easy. Just slice green cabbage very thin, put the cabbage into the crock pot, add layers of a little caraway seeds and salt, push it hard so the juice comes out, cover it with some large cabbage leaves and the weights that come with the crock pot, put the lid on top, seal it with water, and there you go. Let the sauerkraut sit in a warm place until the fermentation process has finished. After fermentation, move it to a cool place and it is ready to eat. The video shows how to make it.

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